Make haste slowly

4 May 2019

In the early Eighties I designed, developed and patented a revolutionary solar water heating hot water cylinder. I sold the patent rights to a well known engineering company and collected royalties for my invention until new advances in solar heating superseded the invention.

When I began negotiations with the director of the company, I was so excited and passionate about my idea and full of enthusiasm. All I wanted to do was get the cylinder on the market as soon as possible. To be honest, I had dollar signs in my eyes...

I was aged 30 at the time and full of young energy (pardon the pun). One day when I was passionately voicing my impatience (at what seemed to be slow progress to get the cylinder on the market), the director took me up to the board room, shouted me a beer and said 'Peter, my dad who founded this great company told me once that In any decision you make for this great company, make haste slowly."

I have never forgotten it. He was so right. Even in life when I get frustrated with the progress I am making in any area of my life; family, relationships, work, spiritual growth, emotional well being, mind, body, soul, I try to remember to make haste slowly. Because if I rush into things, I take the risk of making serious mistakes, financial blunders, hurting people, offending people, getting stressed, overloading myself and not thinking things through.

Have a great day and Make Haste Slowly.

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