'If I judge or criticise another, there is no room left to love them' - Mother Theresa

1 July 2019

'This is easier said than done,' I can hear you saying. And yes it is, however this pearl of wisdom has helped me many times, to rethink my attitude in many difficult and challenging situations.

I once worked in a residential secure unit where there were a number of people who had severe to profound learning difficulties. None of these people could communicate verbally. From time to time their behaviours were extremely challenging and it was a challenge not to take these behaviours personally or believe they were just being deviant. However Mother Theresa’s words of wisdom helped significantly and rather than saying they were
deviant, we were taught to ask ourselves 'What is this person trying to communicate'? 'Are they in pain? Are they hungry? Are they frustrated? Are they bored? Are they feeling lonely, sick or tired?'

Is there someone in your life whose behaviours or attitudes is causing you to be critical and judgmental of them? What do you think they might be trying to communicate to you?

Are they jealous of you? Are they just having a bad hair day or whatever? When we ask this question and not judge or criticise another, it is opening up the door to love someone and show genuine compassion towards them.

I believe that’s what Mother Theresa meant when she said 'If I judge or criticise another, there is no room left to love them.'

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